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a few photos from the hospital June 13, 2008

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I finally got a CD of photos, so here are a few from last week.

Day1 for Lucy Elizabeth.

Olivia was so excited!

 Emma and Olivia with their cousin Anna- lots of family stayed and helped us!

Hanging with Lucy bug in the hospital.  She is such a blessing!


2 Responses to “a few photos from the hospital”

  1. Kim Lee Says:

    susan, i just signed up for facebook and it is a little overwhelming. I am much better at blogging! but i was glad to find your website! i am so glad to now be able to keep up with you! i cannot believe how big olivia and emma are!!!! and another baby! your life is full! i still think of olivia as 3 years old. how time flies!

  2. zellner Says:

    kim- so fun to hear from you! I hope there will be a time when we all see each other and catch up soon. your life looks full too! and facebook calms down once the initial surge of “friends” comes in!

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