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wonderful weekend June 17, 2008

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We just got back from my cousin’s wedding in Nashville.  It was wonderful.  The bride, my cousin Charlotte, was absolutely beautiful and the weekend was so much fun.  We had lots of help and as always, the Grainger clan had a great time all together!  I hope I will have lots of pictures to share soon, but the two I have are of Cord and Lucy.  Cord got down on the dance floor at the reception- he was not allowed (by me) to be at anything but the reception! Lucy, on the other hand, went to everything and was sweet as pie 🙂 love those newborns!  She made it through a bridesmaid’s luncheon, a rehearsal, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding and a reception.  We celebrated Olivia’s 6th birthday this weekend too.  The most amazing part was that the bride had a special cake on her cake table for OLIVIA- can you believe that? The band sang happy birthday to her too.  It was so generous and thoughtful to share that moment with her on their big day.  What a sweet detail to have made happen for her.  Many blessings to them both! 


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