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School lunches July 30, 2008

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I am already thinking about what I will send for Olivia’s school lunches.  This will be the first time we have had to do this, and it seems a little daunting.  I would love for you to share some ideas if you have some- I am trying to have a two week rotation and love to hear how others do this!


I am heading to LA-

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Weightloss, that is! Monday was the day that restarted LA Weightloss.  I have used them before to lose weight after having Emma.  I began using them last summer after having Cord- then I had to make a surprising “:medical hold”, whose name is now Lucy 🙂

So I went back today.  I have used Weight Watchers before and other ideas- but I have found that LA makes me eat the way that I should.  Because WW uses points, I would spend my points on things that I liked and would eat carbs all day.  LA makes you eat a certain amount of proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy, fats, etc each day.  The accountability is good for me.  So I hope I get to post some fun pictures as the program goes along.  It helps to know that this is the last time I will need them . (of course I said that last summer too 🙂 )


free chick fil a July 28, 2008

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A couple of weeks ago, the girls dressed up as cows to get free Chick Fil A.  They had been asking to do that for weeks. On the day of the promotion, I completely forgot until 4:30.  As soon as we remembered, the girls threw on their black leotards and tights and we attached spots and a tail.  They have white socks on their hands and feet and we taped ears onto a headband.  Their daddy took them and ran into lots of other families enjoying a free dinner.  What a great memory.


Camp Grainger July 27, 2008

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My girls spent the night with my dad  (Popo) and Marian on Thursday.  The girls usually get a little nervous about sleepovers, even though they have each other and they love the people they are staying with.  So I had prepared my dad for everything, just in case the girls were in tears and begging to come home.  Well, it turns out Camp Grainger was a huge success- No tears, no phone calls home, no problems (that I know of 🙂 ) They ate at McDonald’s, swam twice, and went to the McWane Center- all in 24 hours!

Marian told me when they told the girls they were getting to go to McDonald’s for dinner on Thursday night, the girls asked,”Are we eating in the car or taking it home?”  Marian told them they were eating at the restaurant. The girls said,” You mean we are eating it here?!” and started cheering.  It never crossed their minds that they would get to stay and play at the indoor play area.  We never do that.  I always want them buckled in and unable to move when we eat!  I can’t see myself having to climb into tunnels to catch Cord and still keep an eye on Lucy.  So the girls were very spoiled and had a wonderful time.  Thanks to Camp Grainger for sponsoring the kids 🙂


i hate tears July 18, 2008

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We have almost made it through a week of Eric being gone.  He comes home tomorrow and we will all be excited.  The most excited one may be Olivia.  She has grown increasingly sad over the days and it has been hard to watch.  She has such a sweet, sensitive heart.  Today we met eric’s mom half way and the girls are going to stay overnight with his parents.  Everything was going well until the goodbyes in the parking lot.  Olivia started looking worried and sad and then the tears came.  I reminded her of all the fun things they were going to do at dot dot’s and that her daddy was picking her up the next day!  But the tears still came and when I pulled out of the parking lot, she was looking out the car window crying.  I hate tears!  I know people will tell me she will be fine, etc but for right now, she is sad and so that makes me sad and I can’t wait until there are no more tears.  It is the great hope of heaven that all pain, all suffering, all tears will be wiped away and I can’t wait.


lucy July 16, 2008

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here is lucy at 6 weeks-  eric is gone on a mission trip to st louis and my family is helping me so much.  Grammy will be here for 8 days! Today my sister, Anna, and Sarah (my nieces) are here for three days 🙂 Anna took this one of Lucy and I love it. I think she has her own gang sign- the zellner gang.


for the birds… July 12, 2008

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This morning I needed to get all 4 children out of the house, so I headed to Big Spring Park with bread to feed ducks and swimsuits for the kids to play in the fountains.  I was feeling like “good mommy” for getting them out and having a plan.  I even parallel parked the van twice! Things were going so good.  When we arrived at the park, I noticed two teenage guys crossing the street.  Olivia looked at me very seriously and said,”Mom, that boy has on shorts that are too big for him- He keeps having to pull them up and I can see his underwear. ” I didn’t take the time to talk about trends and styles at that point.  I was trying to put together the monster of a double stroller that we have.  I think it was all the focus on the stroller that preoccupied me from noticing the aggressive ducks!

We headed over to a shaded area and pulled out the bread.  Olivia, Emma and I started throwing bread to the ducks on the lake, and all of a sudden ducks and birds were coming out from everywhere diving to get our bread.  I can tell the kids are getting nervous, but if you know me, you know that I am TERRIFIED of birds.  I hate them- REALLY hate them.  The birds are flying out of the trees to get some and more ducks are swimming fast to get to us.  They are starting to form a wall and backing us into a corner.  I am literally trying to come up with an exit plan, all while my head is filled with thoughts like,”What were you thinking? You got yourself into this mess.  You know you don’t like birds- what did you think was going to happen?”

I tell the girls to throw hard and fast.  When we are out of bread, I raise my hands in the air and say,”All done!” you know- like I am telling Cord I am all done with his food.  I am hoping the ducks understand sign language!  We take off in a fast walk and never look back.  I am hoping they are not following us.  When we get a safe distance, Olivia says to me,”Mom, birds make me shiver!”  I think that is exactly how I feel.