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so many thoughts July 3, 2008

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I can tell all these children are getting to my brain- My thoughts come in spurts and don’t stay long, so blogging is a little difficult.  By the time I sit down to write, I have completely forgotten what I was going to say.  I hope my brain returns to normal one day.

so here are a few things I have started to comment on several times-

1) This past Sunday was the first day of church at our transitional space at Oakwood University chapel.  I was amazed at the facility.  The church is beautiful and it was wonderful to have such a nice space for worship and for nursery.  The most amazing part was at the end of our service.  The pastor from their church presented our staff and church with a gift and thanked us for letting them share their space.  He prayed and thanked God for helping us all see what heaven will be like when there are no denominations and we worship together.  It truly brought tears to my eyes to be prayed for by their pastor.  What a beautiful way to start our transition.  There have been blessings upon blessings from our good God.

2) Lucy is one month old today.  She has been such a sweet baby.  I can’t believe that she has been with us for a whole month!  I am learning so much about each child this summer and am still so very grateful for the help of friends and family who have allowed me time to grow into our new family size. 

3) My computer died last month, so I have to borrow Eric’s when I can.  So far, I have no way to load the pictures that I have taken of anything!  Soon, I am fixing that problem.  Until then, know that I wish I could show you what Lucy looks like and what Livy’s toothless grin looks like.  I wish you could see Cord’s cute face and see how much Emma has grown this summer.  Argh! I hate not having pictures 🙂

4) Emma has 4 year old shots tomorrow.  I hated them when I was her age- i literally ran out of the doctor’s office.  Everyone says she is just like me, so Eric and I are going together tomorrow to help her out.  Pray for her and for us. I hate shots so badly that I am likely to let her run out and not bring her back 🙂

5) I have an awesome husband and I could not do this life without him! So now I am going to relieve him of the crying baby that he can do nothing to soothe at the moment. 


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