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I need more forks… July 8, 2008

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I am realizing that we are going to need more silverware in this family.  With 5 people using forks or spoons at lunch and then again at dinner, we are running out.  I open the silverware drawer and it is always empty.  Lucy isn’t even a factor yet!  What do other people with lots of kids do?  Am I going to have to buy more?  Random thought, but it impacts my life daily.


3 Responses to “I need more forks…”

  1. Megan Says:

    Yes, sadly, yes. I realized this when we had a large group of friends over for Thanksgiving one year – I was out of silverware. And though I do have just enough white trash in me to be okay with plastic for most occasions, I just couldn’t do it for Thanksgiving. I went out and bought two complete sets of nice, but relatively inexpensive silverware from Walmart.

    Nice to have a reason to get new silverware, though, no?

  2. Jason Tucker Says:

    Your kids use silverware!?! Wow, you guys are good.

  3. Marian G. Says:

    Susan, from the looks of the Barnes and Noble pic above…OZ doesn’t need silverware. Love Dad.

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