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i hate tears July 18, 2008

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We have almost made it through a week of Eric being gone.  He comes home tomorrow and we will all be excited.  The most excited one may be Olivia.  She has grown increasingly sad over the days and it has been hard to watch.  She has such a sweet, sensitive heart.  Today we met eric’s mom half way and the girls are going to stay overnight with his parents.  Everything was going well until the goodbyes in the parking lot.  Olivia started looking worried and sad and then the tears came.  I reminded her of all the fun things they were going to do at dot dot’s and that her daddy was picking her up the next day!  But the tears still came and when I pulled out of the parking lot, she was looking out the car window crying.  I hate tears!  I know people will tell me she will be fine, etc but for right now, she is sad and so that makes me sad and I can’t wait until there are no more tears.  It is the great hope of heaven that all pain, all suffering, all tears will be wiped away and I can’t wait.


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