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Camp Grainger July 27, 2008

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My girls spent the night with my dad  (Popo) and Marian on Thursday.  The girls usually get a little nervous about sleepovers, even though they have each other and they love the people they are staying with.  So I had prepared my dad for everything, just in case the girls were in tears and begging to come home.  Well, it turns out Camp Grainger was a huge success- No tears, no phone calls home, no problems (that I know of 🙂 ) They ate at McDonald’s, swam twice, and went to the McWane Center- all in 24 hours!

Marian told me when they told the girls they were getting to go to McDonald’s for dinner on Thursday night, the girls asked,”Are we eating in the car or taking it home?”  Marian told them they were eating at the restaurant. The girls said,” You mean we are eating it here?!” and started cheering.  It never crossed their minds that they would get to stay and play at the indoor play area.  We never do that.  I always want them buckled in and unable to move when we eat!  I can’t see myself having to climb into tunnels to catch Cord and still keep an eye on Lucy.  So the girls were very spoiled and had a wonderful time.  Thanks to Camp Grainger for sponsoring the kids 🙂


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