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I am heading to LA- July 30, 2008

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Weightloss, that is! Monday was the day that restarted LA Weightloss.  I have used them before to lose weight after having Emma.  I began using them last summer after having Cord- then I had to make a surprising “:medical hold”, whose name is now Lucy 🙂

So I went back today.  I have used Weight Watchers before and other ideas- but I have found that LA makes me eat the way that I should.  Because WW uses points, I would spend my points on things that I liked and would eat carbs all day.  LA makes you eat a certain amount of proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy, fats, etc each day.  The accountability is good for me.  So I hope I get to post some fun pictures as the program goes along.  It helps to know that this is the last time I will need them . (of course I said that last summer too 🙂 )


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