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House painting August 4, 2008

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We have lived in Huntsville for a year and a half.   We bought a house that was move-in ready- including a nice neutral throughout the whole house.  Well yesterday, that all changed.  We had 5 rooms painted and there is now color in our world.  We (or should I say, the wonderful, incredible, talented painters that we hired) painted our bathroom and bedroom blue- summer porch blue to be exact.  A big thanks to Susan Bice for sharing her color with me.  I love it! I have been trying to pick a room color since we moved here and could never commit to a color on the little card that you get at the store.  But when we recently visited her house, I loved her choice and asked if I could use it too.

We painted the hall bathroom an apple green- It has brightened up that small space so much.  The baby’s room is now a sweet light pink and the girls’ room is a light green.  Wow.  What a change in one weekend.  One of the most exciting things is that we used a satin finish instead of the flat paint that is all over our house.  Finally, I can clean the walls.  And that should be great news for some of those little hands that have painted them, thrown food on them, and thrown up on them! gross.


One Response to “House painting”

  1. Megan Says:

    Way to go! I can’t wait to see pictures! And flat paint should be permanently banned from homes where people reside. I honestly don’t know why people paint with it. But then, I’ve complained about that before with our last two housing situations. 🙂 When we paint this place (Oh Lord, please make it be this year!), it will definitely be with a semi-gloss! 🙂

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