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Oscar the Grouch August 18, 2008

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Seems like there might be a correlation between Oscar being a Grouch and his love of trash.  I am testing my theory by watching my little guy, Cord.  He can be a real grouch.  He can let out a piercing scream when he doesn’t get his way and be very stubborn about continuing his fight.  Lately, he has also had a fascination with our trash can.  He can’t stop playing with it.  He loves to throw things away, which can be helpful-unless it is ALL my tupperware or ALL his blocks.  But today he bgean a new trick- Taking things out.  Gross.  He just took out an old corn on the cob. Yucks, as my mom would say.  Couple that with grumpiness when you tell him no, and it can be a real mess.  I like the days when Cord is less like Oscar the Grouch  and more like Elmo, the sweet, funny little guy 🙂


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