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Funny thoughts from zellner kids August 20, 2008

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There have been so many lately.  I am choosing three.

Olivia came home from school and told us they are learning about Noah’s ark in Bible class.  She loves Bible time and her teacher captures her attention so well.  Today, Olivia said, “My teacher said that they think that the ark is in ham- no wait Turkey.” 

Emma has been singing songs from her Pre K class.  In the pick up line, she was singing, “Thank Gee The Lord, Alleluia” I tried to remind her it was “Praise Ye the Lord” – she has it memorized the other way and can’t seem to stop saying “thank gee”.

Her other song is just funny.  They are learning classroom rules and some have been put to song to help them remember.  Today she was belting out all over the house,” I can be quiet how bout you? I can be quiet how bout you? I can be quiet how bout you?”  I don’t think that she understands the message of that song 🙂


4 Responses to “Funny thoughts from zellner kids”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    My favorite Emma moment occurred during Sunday School last spring after Bible story time when I let the children play. Emma was walking stiff legged around the room with her eyes closed and arms out in front, loudly saying, “I’m blind Bartimaeus, help me Jesus, help me!”

  2. Julie Kennedy Says:

    Ok, I am laughing out loud at the Bartimaeus story. That’s hilarious!

  3. Rebecca H. Says:

    Matt and I are both laughing!! 😀

  4. 1pressley Says:

    auntsuzie this is anna i have a blog page too calle if u could help me out i dont know how to do that much thanks.

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