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I pods August 28, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — zellner @ 7:53 pm

Olivia has a new routine for bedtime.  She sleeps in her I pods.  Not the kind you might be thinking, but her own invention.  One day she came down with a stretchy headband around her head which made her look like a 70’s tennis player.  That night when she went to bed, she pulled it over her eyes and called them her eye pods. Now she sleeps like that every night.  She said it closes her eyes and she can fall asleep faster.  Last night she asked her dad,”What is a real I pod?”

She offered Emma an eye pod, but Emma didn’t like it and wanted to wear it on her arm.  It’s her arm pod.  I need to do something before someone else thinks of the eyepod. Maybe that is how we can send them all to college 🙂


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