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Surviving or thriving? September 3, 2008

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I saw this question posted on someone else’s blog and thought it was an interesting question.  Am I surviving my day or am I thriving in it? In this stage of life it is difficult to know how to evaluate this question.  I would say surviving.  Each day I wake up and think about the day and plan how to survive it.  Some of that involves looking at the day and thinking how to mesh all that “needs” to happen with all that has to happen- for example, I need to go to the grocery store and the children have to be fed, changed, cared for during their crying, etc.  I need to go to biblestudy today and the children have to take naps, drink bottles, and be nursed. Many times it is an endurance race to bedtime.  I am surviving the race.

Yet I don’t think that is the opposite of thriving right now.  I don’t see how it could NOT feel like surviving to those in this stage of life.  So, I am choosing not to answer this one and instead focusing my eyes on the next small step in the day that keeps the kids alive 🙂 And one day I know I will wake up and realize that this particular surviving stage is over.  At this moment it is really quiet in my house.  The oldest two are playing together in their room, the crazy little boy (who just took an old pudding cup out of the trash and got it all over himself and the kitchen) has finally given in to sleep, and the precious baby is over her screaming and is sitting in her bouncy seat.  Maybe this is the thriving moment- that it is actually quiet! nevermind, I hear trouble.


One Response to “Surviving or thriving?”

  1. Becky Says:

    I love you.
    Thanks for calling. Please forgive that I haven’t called back yet. Key word: yet. I will. Eventually. I hope. 🙂


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