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caught red handed September 4, 2008

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It got really quiet yesterday and that is never a good sign.  I found Cord looking like this:

He had been in the trash- found an old pudding cup, eaten lots, and painted the floor with the rest.  Wow.  Truly a face only the mother could love 🙂


3 Responses to “caught red handed”

  1. Rebecca H. Says:

    So cute!! Haha, that photo might find its way into his high school senior page (or wedding rehearsal slide show)! 😉

  2. Mary Says:

    Oh my goodness! What a face! Susan, surviving or thriving. This too shall pass. I remember feeling the exact same way as you do. But when I see this picture, I could not help but laugh.

    I remember Meredith and Heather being so close together. Both still taking bottles, wearing diapers and loving their pacifier and blankie. On many occasions, I would have to tell Meredith to go give Heather her pacifier. They shared it all…including their room. Carlin, on the other hand, had boiled and sterilized bottles and pacifiers along with her own room. She never had to share until she went to college.

    Hang in there! It is all worth it! Think of all the great holidays they will have when they are adults. Instant parties!

    Love you so much,


  3. Lisa P. Says:

    This reminded me of when I found Seth the same way when he was about Cord’s age…maybe a little younger. The only difference was it wasn’t pudding!

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