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And the doors closed… September 9, 2008

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Well, I’ve been on LA weightloss for about 6 weeks this time.  Things are going well, even though I always wish it could come off faster.  I am always motivated after having a baby because I always think this is the last time I will have to do this.  God has blessed us with 4 babies and so I have had to do this 4 times. I have high accountability and encouragement  by going three times a week and consulting one-on-one with a counselor too.  This past Friday (which had been a heartbreaker anyway) I walked in and the lady tells me they are closing their doors! What?!

I still have lots of weeks left on this program! They  “gave” me the opportunity to talk one-on-one with someone once a week out of their Birmingham office and free shipping on all their products should I need any.  Not the best substitute for me.

So I am roughing it at home by myself.  My biggest encouragement is that this REALLY is the LAST time I am doing this.  All the babies that are coming our way are here now.  So keep praying for motivation and for will power as I focus on the goal ahead of me.  thanks!


4 Responses to “And the doors closed…”

  1. Ed Eubanks Says:

    Bummer. We faced a similar problem when we moved to TN– we had both been going to Weight Watchers for a couple of months, and seeing progress, but there was/is not a Weight Watchers group in the small town we’re in now. Both of us “fell off the wagon” in due time.

    Now, I’ve gotten back on for the last month or so, and seen good results. You know what did it? My iPhone: I have all the tools I need (weight tracker, points calculator, and food log/points tracker) all there, and it cost me about $5.00 to collect them all. (I never really found a lot of benefit from the “coaching” and meetings at WW anyway; I know some do, but it was the information about counting and tracking points that helped me.)

    Maybe this is the excuse you’ve been needing to get an iPhone?!?

  2. Becky Says:

    Soooooo sorry, Susan!
    I think winging it at home stinks.
    But I’ll pray for you each time I step on the scale or long for a cookie 🙂

  3. Sara Smith Says:

    As a postpatrum mother myself, I understand the weightloss struggle. And West Helena is not bursting with solutions, so I guess we can all be praying for eachother.

  4. zellner Says:

    thanks for your encouragement friends- hate that I don’t see yall in person now. it would be a blessing.

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