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feeding the fairies September 17, 2008

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Livy lost her fifth tooth two days ago.  I had no idea it was that ready to come out- we didn’t even use the orajel this time.  As we were driving home from church that night, she asked if the tooth fairy would give her $100 for her tooth.  I said,” No, I don’t think so!”  She asked,”How about $10?” I said,”Nope, But maybe when you lose your last tooth, you can write a note and tell the tooth fairy that it is the last tooth and she will do something extra special.”  Olivia decided that if the tooth fairy was going to leave her something, she should begin being thankful for all the tooth fairy has done for her so far.  Ahhh childhood.

 That night, Olivia left a glass of milk and two carrots for the tooth fairy to have.  She wanted to pick snacks that were good for your teeth!  In the morning, she discovered a dollar and that all the milk was gone and most of the carrots- a small bite was left on the plate.  She came down and told me all about it and finished by saying the tooth fairy must be so small that she was just too full to finish the last bite. 🙂


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