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help me help you! October 3, 2008

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Yesterday was the beginning of switching out the closets from summer clothes to winter clothes. The colder weather made me realize that I need to get moving on this.  So yesterday, I started with Emma and we tried on all her clothes from last winter.  If they didn’t fit, they went in the “lucy” pile.  It took about two hours and I was completely exhausted.  She tends to be the kid who doesn’t help you when you are trying to get her dressed- she gives you the wrong foot first if you are putting on her shoes, she puts both legs in one side of the pants, she puts her arms in first and gets stuck.  By the end I was wanting to yell like Jerry McGuire to his client, played by Cuba Gooding Jr ,”Help me help you!”  I am sure Emma would have responded the same way Cuba does in the film:


3 Responses to “help me help you!”

  1. Lisa P Says:

    That was great! Thanks for the laugh. You have more patience than I do…I don’t even bother with having them try on the clothes. I just eye-ball it and if it doesn’t look like it fits, it’s outa here!

  2. Sarah B. Says:

    Cracks me up, Susan! Dave and I are big fans of the Saturday Night Live’s “Celebrity Jeopardy” from the late 90’s. We often quote Ben Stiller, playing Tom Cruise, who just randomly starts saying, “Help me, Alex. Help me help you.” Your little reference reminded of that! Hang in there with those 4 kiddos of yours!

  3. Kirby Says:

    THAT is hilarious!…

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