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swaddle me blanket October 14, 2008

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We have used a blanket called “the swaddle me” blanket since lucy was born.  It wraps her arms in around her and connects on the outside to keep her swaddled all night.  She has slept on her back for all 4 months because of this great invention.  When she is really grumpy, I put her in it and hold her facing outward and she is so much happier.  Here are a few pictures from last weekend when we stayed overnight with my aunt. (many thanks for that Foster family!)

Getting strapped in…

Happy as can be and playing games with Meredith, my cousin

What am I going to do when she doesn’t fit into this blanket? This is the last size that they make.  Anyone ever used this before? What did you do when the child got too big to be swaddled?


2 Responses to “swaddle me blanket”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    I love the transition from screaming to smiling! 🙂

    Maybe we can MAKE you a bigger one. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to cut a larger one out using the same pattern as your current blanket.

  2. zellner Says:

    that is a great idea! sewing is like gardening to me- I’ll need you for that too 🙂 miss seeing you lately

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