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Free Workouts October 17, 2008

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Huntsville Hospital gives new moms three free months at the Wellness Center that can be used anytime in the 6 months after your child is born.  It is such a fun perk for having a baby 🙂 Last year at this time I used the one that I “earned” from having Cord.  I loved the yoga class, and it helped so much to stretch out those tight, sore muscles from holding a new born all the time. 

I just started back again using the free months from having Lucy.  Today I attempted swimming.  I used to swim all the time, but it was amazing how slow I was and how quickly I tired out.  The whole time I was thinking about Michael Phelps and wondering how many times he would have passed me if he were in my lane too.  I have three months to improve my flexibility in yoga and my endurance in swimming. 

An update on the closing of LA Weightloss: I ended up getting all the bars that I had ordered and bringing them to my home and asking for a refund for the weeks that I had left.  So far I have kept it up, losing about 2 pounds a week as I would on LA.  The only exception being one great week at the beach that included Thomas’s doughnuts and Hungry Howie’s pizza and breadsticks!  I was lucky that I broke even that week 🙂


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