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Bootanical Gardens and Cptn kangaroo October 30, 2008

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This past weekend we went to the Botanical Gardens for their Halloween party.  The Gardens are beautiful, but the event isn’t that great. The plus is that it’s free with our membership and the kids get a practice run wearing their costumes.  That is a good thing because we inevitably figure out that someone’s costume isn’t working.  Olivia is going to wear her dance costume from last year (thank goodness it has another use for all that money!) and she is going to be Shirley Temple in the good ship lollipop.  Emma is going to borrow a mermaid costume, but we didn’t have it then so she wore her Auburn cheerleading uniform (which brought lots of comments and ridicule!).  Cord was the one that needed the most help.  I had a lion costume for him, but when I went to put it, it was a little too tight :).  He wouldn’t keep the head on, so he was walking around in a tight bodysuit and we called him Mr goodbody all day.  See the resemblance?


Slim goodbody always freaked me out a little, so Cord will not be wearing this Friday.  He will be a cowboy in jeans, flannel shirt and cowboy hat! much better.


One Response to “Bootanical Gardens and Cptn kangaroo”

  1. Sarah B. Says:

    Yes, Slim Goodbody IS freaky!! Any man wearing a full-body spandex suit really needs to reevaluate his life…

    But cute pictures of the kids! 🙂

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