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in need of grace November 10, 2008

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Today is one of those days.  Actually, last night was one of those nights! Cord was up from 11:00- 3:30 am.  He was acting like he had just taken a nap and was as silly and playful as if it were daytime.  In the middle of that, Lucy woke up for a 1:30 am feeding.  After getting Cord to rest at 3:30, Lucy woke up for another feeding at 5:30.  Then the kids had to get ready for school at 7.  Exhausting.

But I was not going to let Cord ruin my day that I had planned.  I hauled the two babies off to the Wellness Center to get in some yoga.  I mean, don’t I need that after a night like that one? In the middle of class, the childcare came and got me because Lucy was wailing.  It is a little loud at the childcare center and there was no way she was going to take a nap, which she very much needed.

So I was thwarted again.  I packed them both up- while they wailed all the way out the door and to the car.

This is one of those days. I need to give up my plans and survive this day.  No expectations will lead to a better atmosphere for all of us.  But, if you think of it, lift up a little prayer for the zellner babies and their mom who needs a lot of patience. thanks.


4 Responses to “in need of grace”

  1. Lyra Says:

    Wow, Susan. I feel for you! I’m lifting up a prayer for you and your little ones now.

    I read your post on how you’re starting Weight Watchers. I love WW! I’ve been doing it off and on since 2004. I keep saying I’m just going to stick with it for good, and live it as a lifestyle, but just can’t seem to do it. I like to eat undisciplined, and then it gets out of hand. I’ll be starting back for sure once this baby is born. (in case you haven’t heard, yes, we’re having a baby in May! We’re excited!)

  2. zellner Says:

    lyra- i didn’t know about your pregnancy. how wonderful! well, when you go back, we can encourage one another. Enjoy every minute of getting to eat for two 🙂

  3. Sallye Grainger Says:

    Susan, these days shall pass. I can faintly remember those days with the boys, but looking back they were not so bad and really are funny now(29 years later).
    I’ll lift a prayer up for you and the little ones that you will love and cherish these moments of total chaos.
    Love you all,

  4. Renee Says:

    I hope you have a more restful day today. I felt so bad for you when you left class yesterday! Let’s hope you make it the whole class tomorrow. Happy Veteran’s day!

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