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Veterans’ Day November 12, 2008

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We celebrated Veterans’ Day by celebrating some veterans that we know- grandfathers.  Eric was out of town for the day, so I took the kids to see my grandparents in Birmingham.  The girls made cards that said things like,”I like the military.  Thank you.” or “To all the people of my military, I like you.”  We gave those to my dad and my grandad and listened to some stories and facts about their time in the service. The girls won candy if they could tell me facts that they learned from what they heard.  My grandfather, Popo, put on his military uniform and let the girls wear his boots.  We had a parade in the house.  Olivia played the recorder, Emma held Popo’s military award, and they all marched around the house.  Babe, my grandmother, treated us all to McDonald’s and we even got to stay and play on the playground 🙂


the girls with Popo in his uniform.


Wearing Popo’s boots.


Cord’s boots and Popo’s boots: 88 years of learning to go to fill those shoes.


the parade begins..


Cord pulling Popo along.


Babe in the back of my van taking us to McD’s.  Look how happy the girls are.

I am truly grateful for all the men and women who have served in our military and provided the freedoms that I enjoy every day,  Thank you!


4 Responses to “Veterans’ Day”

  1. Amanda Says:

    This is the sweetest post! I love the idea of celebrating Veterans Day with your girls and honoring your grandfather, too. I’m sure this will go down in the permanent memories category for Olivia and Emma.

    (By the way, I think I spied a Susan Senior Portrait in the background of one of those photos. Am I right?)

  2. Mary Says:

    What a sweet way to spend your day. Your family made a lot of people happy yesterday. Babe, Little Po-Po and Big Po-Po were thrilled with the events. Babe shared all the details and then Big Po-Po filled me in on what she forgot! (he-he) Little Po-Po is one proud American! Thank you for making Veteran’s Day such a special one. You continue to amaze me everyday! Love you bunches!

  3. zellner Says:

    amanda- I think you spy my cousin Charlotte’s senior picture. I think I am so old, they don’t even have me up there any more!

    Mary- thanks for helping him get his things ready for us to see. It was too fun! They both said how amazing you were to get the cable up and running. Babe said, “that mary gets things done!” So, when do you want to come up here? hehehehe

  4. Mary Says:

    Susan….from what I remember, you and Beth are hanging in the hallway with the baby pictures on the left side and our graduation pictures from high school….that means ya’ll are hanging with the uncles and aunt while others are crammed in the bookcase. I will have to look the next time.

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