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Election Day play November 15, 2008

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The day before the election, Olivia’s class did a play about the election process and what it takes to be a great president.  I loved the hats and decorations her teacher used.  The night before was one of those funny moments when you realize you need two dozen red, white, and blue cupcakes to take to school in the morning! The kids took a poll in class about what they would do with 20 minutes of extra free time.  They cast a ballot for what kind of class fish they wanted by going inside a curtain to mark their ballots (i think guppies won). All the details were so interactive and authentic.  Great Job Mrs Washam and Mrs Mathewson!





One Response to “Election Day play”

  1. Amanda Says:

    We had an “Election Day” right before the 1992 elections (that would be 3rd grade for me).

    Except ours was a lot more partisan and we actually voted for which president we wanted — Bill Clinton or George Bush, Sr. It was like 20 to 2 Bush, so we all antagonized the two kids who voted for Clinton for the rest of the month, especially after Clinton won.

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