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melting chocolate November 25, 2008

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I am going to make pilgrim hat cookies tomorrow and I need some help.  I am really bad at melting chocolate.  The cookies are made by turning a fudge striped cookie upside down and taking a chocolate dipped marshmallow and sticking it on top of the cookie.  I always have a hard time melting the chocolate to dip the marshmallow.  I know it should be easy, but it is like making sweet tea to me- simple directions,but never turns out for me.  So please leave a comment about how you melt chocolate to dip goodies in.  With the holiday season here, I am going to need this skill!



4 Responses to “melting chocolate”

  1. Anna Says:

    For chocolate covered goodies, I use chocolate almond bark. You can buy it at any grocery store this time of year. The directions are on the wrapper, and it tells you how to do it in the microwave. Other chocolate may taste a bit better, but this stuff melts really well.

  2. I’m SO glad you posted this. I’ve never seen this idea and I just happen to be in charge of a “kid-friendly dessert” for tomorrow, so I went yesterday and bought the ingredients. We’re going to make them today. Any tips?

    Miss you – and I’m so jealous that Pat gets to come see you guys in a couple of weeks 😦


  3. Sarah B. Says:

    Okay–one of the keys to melting chocolate, whether it’s regular chocolate or the bark, is to do it a VERY low temperature. I do not recommend using milk chocolate, but rather semi-sweet or chocolate almond bark. (Milk chocolate will burn very easily, even at low temps.)

    And now I feel incredibly silly cause I just realized–hello!–your pilgrim hat project is already done!! Duh, Sarah! Well, I guess you can tuck away these tips for a later time. 🙂

  4. zellner Says:

    I will tuck it away for next year. I used semi sweet chocolate morsels, but it was so thick. It felt like I was painting thick glop on the marshmallows. Should I use a fondue recipe? or is bark less thick than morsels?
    the girls loved the project, but it doesn’t look exactly like the pictures 🙂

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