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random theological question December 11, 2008

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In this season of singing about Jesus’ birth, I have had an ongoing thought. What did Jesus act like as a boy? Having a rambunctious 18 month old boy, I watch his behavior and wonder, “What would Jesus do?” I know He lived a sinless life. I know He was tempted and impacted by the fall. He lived in this world completely human. I wonder what being 18 months old and without sin would look like? Would he still spill milk because that is developmentally what 18 month olds do? Would He scream or grunt to get what He wanted because He did not have the words for what He wanted? Was He really easy to raise?  So many questions!


One Response to “random theological question”

  1. Becky Says:

    Right now I would say that having a three year old who didn’t look at me and then defiantly jump on the bed, couch, ottoman, etc. would be wonderful!! I bet baby Jesus did sign language 🙂

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