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things I am looking forward to… December 16, 2008

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1) Haircut on Wednesday morning at 8 am- she worked me in 🙂
2) having all our “teacher” gifts together and to the right people so that they know how much we appreciate them!
3)yoga on Wednesday morning- thanks to my mom being here to babysit.
4)The 20’s and 30’s Progressive Christmas Dinner on Thursday night-fun with adult friends.
5) our 10th anniversary on Friday
6) Best friend coming to visit on Saturday-Margie, I’m posting it…that means you have to come!
7) Church-wide Christmas Fellowship on Sunday. I can’t wait to visit with those we love and enjoy some time at the Knights’ home. It is always beautiful.
This is just a fun list for this week. I know you have things you are looking forward to as well. Share some if you like 🙂


One Response to “things I am looking forward to…”

  1. Megan Says:

    Being done with the 10 page paper I’m avoiding right now, but have to turn in tomorrow.

    Not having any writing deadlines for two weeks.

    Being finished with tea wallets.

    Helping the girls wrap their presents to each other they bought today at Target.

    Going to Incredible Pizza with the girls later on this week as an early gift.

    Seems like more of my things are “whew! it’s done!” looking forward to than, “yay! we get to…” But I’ll take it, you know?

    Happy Anniversary on Friday!

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