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Olivia’s Mexican Christmas party December 23, 2008

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Olivia’s teacher did an Around-the-World Christmas lesson during December.  They ended with a look at some Mexican traditions.  The last day of school before Christmas vacation they began by imitating the walk that Mary and Joseph had to do (las posadas).  They knocked on a classroom door and asked if they could enter.  The teacher would refuse and say,”we have no room for you”.  The last stop was their own classroom where a mom was waiting to open the door and invite them in.


One little girl in Olivia’s class really felt the power of being allowed in after so many refusals and said,”Mrs Washam, I think I am going to cry. They had room for Jesus.”  So precious!

 Once they returned to the classroom, the teachers led the class in breaking pinatas- a bull for the boys and a bird for the girls.  My momma nerves were on edge the whole time- bats waving, blindfolded children, tight quarters.  I was a nervous wreck!


They enjoyed a mexican feast, exchanged books, and opened presents from their teachers.  The party ended with a birthday party for Jesus.


The kids participated in one last tradition- confetti eggs (los cascarones).  The kids broke eggs filled with confetti over each other’s head.  Even Emma had a chance to participate.



I know her teachers must be so exhausted after that day.  I was and I didn’t even do anything!


One Response to “Olivia’s Mexican Christmas party”

  1. Mary Says:

    How fun! I love the ponchos and flowers. Olivia, I can’t wait to hear all about the holiday traditions you have learned all about. Emma, I know you will be able to share stories as well about the Baby Jesus’ birth! See you soon.
    Love you all,
    Mary (Nan-Nan)

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