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The Christmas card December 30, 2008

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I made several attempts to make a Christmas card with all 4 kids this year.  It just never seemed to work out.  The most difficult was Cord.  He rarely sits anywhere for any amount of time.  I eventually ended up getting a picture of the girls at dance, a picture of Lucy in front of the Christmas tree, and a HALLOWEEN picture of Cord (I actually got his face because he is buckled in his car seat!)

Well, imagine my surprise when Cord sat on the Olivia’s lap on Christmas Eve night after I had put him in his Christmas pajamas.  Lucy willingly went to Emma and I ended up with a picture of all 4 in front of the tree in their pajamas!  You just might get it next year as our Christmas card:)



One Response to “The Christmas card”

  1. Dear Susan,

    Great picture! There are still five days of Christmas left, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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