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The Game of Life January 3, 2009

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Santa brought the girls a couple of games- Operation and Life. Do you remember playing those when you were younger?  I loved Life, so I was excited to break it open and begin playing that with the girls.  So for the past couple of nights after we put the littlest two to bed, we pull Life out and start handing out cars and little people (blue pegs for males and pink pegs for females).  The first choice is whether or not you want to go to college.  If you do, you start out with a $100,000 loan- yikes!

The first night we played, Olivia chose not to go to college and ended up with four children and a career as an entertainer.  She also landed on the space that mentions that you are a grandparent.  She was thrilled!    In the same game, Emma ended up going to college, having three children, becoming a lawyer, deciding she didn’t want to be a lawyer and became a doctor.  She was loaded! She won that one with 2.76 million dollars.  At the space where you have to buy a home, she looked at all the options.  They ranged from $300,000- $800,000 (crazy!).  She carefully looked at each picture and noticed that the $500,000 home had a castle-like roof line and she asked,’Can I live in that room if I buy this one?”  Eric and I stifled a laugh and told her,”Of course you can- It’s your house.”  She said,”I’ll take it!”

Later that night, Olivia was going to bed and she said,”Daddy, if my real life ends up being like my game life tonight, I would be so happy.”  I think that my heart actually hurt from such sweet words.  I hope that for her too.


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