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Organizing life. January 12, 2009

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What a day yesterday was.  My inlaws came to Huntsville- all of them!  Eric’s brother, Kurt, and his wife, Leslie, worked so hard in our home.  Kurt hung cabinets in our laundry room and shelving in our garage.  It looks like a completely different place.  Leslie worked on every closet that we have, making use of lots of unused spaces.  The most amazing is our toy closet.  It now has a place for all the toys and hooks for all the backpacks and coats.  There is even a diaper basket stocked for both babies. 

She’s tough 🙂 She made me go through all of our things and throw out what we weren’t using.  For a saver like me, yesterday was filled with me saying all the reasons I should keep something, and Leslie asking if I had used it this year? Does it have all the parts?  Are you really going to store that until Lucy is able to use it? She won most of the time!

The funniest part of the night was when she went for the pantry.  She threw out tons of outdated food and made the pantry look like the movie Sleeping With the Enemy (julia roberts).  The best was a seasoning for potatoes that was from 1995!  That means it was bought in Homewood, packed and lived through St Louis, and packed and moved to Huntsville.   Those two did more in 12 hours than we could have done the entire time we will live in this house.  I will post pictures soon 🙂

Many thanks too to my mother in law and father in law who contained all 6 children while the work was done.  I am so grateful!


6 Responses to “Organizing life.”

  1. Can she come here? Please post pictures!! I get so inspired by these kinds of things. We just moved a week and a half ago and I am still trying to figure out how to get all the toys to fit into our space. Thinking I need to purge even more than I already have 🙂

  2. Becky Says:

    I would like to rent Leslie.
    Buying stuff: $50
    Buying storage for stuff: $60
    12 with Leslie: Priceless

  3. Lyra Says:

    Wow! You have great family! That is so awesome!!

  4. Hi,

    Great post. And very nice family.

    Thank you

  5. zellner Says:

    How I wish I could have 12 more with Leslie!
    I have been working hard to keep up her good work 🙂

  6. Rebecca H Says:

    I love it! It’s like one of those shows where they come and organize your house. I can’t wait to see the rose bushes she planted too. I’m jealous of the storage – and plants! 🙂

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