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Bye bye yoga January 29, 2009

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Looks like my days in yoga are over for a little while.  During my second physical therapy session, I had a lot of work done so that my back, tailbone, spine,etc would go back into place and stop hurting.  The PT said I should feel sore the day after and maybe a little worse on day #2 after therapy.  The first day after therapy I was pretty sore, but the second day I was a mess.  I was having a hard time between sitting and standing, putting the babies in the crib, sitting for any period of time, or lying down .  Things got better on day #3 and day #4.  So I tried yoga on day #5.  I was hoping to stretch my back and hip, but I could only do about half of the class.  I had therapy that afternoon and the PT told me I should have called earlier- that kind of pain was not what they meant.  She worked on lots of places, and it hurt! But as she continued, it would begin to feel so much better!  By the end, I was in much better shape.  She gave me exercises to do to strengthen my stomach muscles (which are non-existent) and showed me how to sleep with lots of pillows. 

I tried the sleeping last night and it felt great.  The only problem is the getting into and out of all the pillows.  Last night three of the four kids cried out for lots of different reasons.  I would be a real mess without Eric who deals with all the interruptions that he can.  But the few that I did involved me unwrapping myself from the cocoon of pillows and dealing with the situation and then attempting to redo all the pillows when I got back in bed.  Frustrating but worth it.  How grateful I am for my husband and for the techniques that she gave me. 

So until this back, hip, and tailbone stabilize I will be swimming instead.  I bet if I get to go back to yoga in the future, I will be back at square one- no balance and no flexibility 😦


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