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Gifts from Aunt Bethie February 21, 2009

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UPS knocked on our door and there was a box from Aunt Bethie, Uncle Kirk, and cousins Sarah and Anna.  It said Disney in big letters: you know if it is from Aunt Bethie and says Disney it is going to be good- and it was!


The girls got two new dress up outfits to take with us.  Emma was given the most amazing Cinderella dress and Olivia was given the most beautiful Ariel costume.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the outfits.  


thanks aunt bethie.  we will take lots of pictures! we love you


new development February 20, 2009

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and it is not a good one! Cord has started taking his diaper off while he is in his bed.  Argh! Over the past several days, we have discovered him in his bed with his wet diaper on the floor.  We first thought it was a one-time-event.  Then we tried to put him in a onesie under his pajamas.  He still took his pants off and pulled his diaper out of the side of his onesie.  I am going to need some help here- any ideas for little boys who take their diapers off and get their beds a mess?


Feb. Book study February 18, 2009

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This Thursday night at 7 pm at the Zumbachs’ we will be studying Chapters 14-16 of Respectable Sins.  The next chapters are on Impatience, Irritability, and Anger.  Wow.

Just to give you a warm up- here are some quotes from the author, Jerry Bridges,”Impatience is a strong sense of annoyance at the (usually) unintentional faults and failures of others.”  Irritability is described as ” the frequency of impatience, or the ease with which a person can become impatient over the slightest provocation.”  And finally , Anger is “a strong feeling of displeasure, and usually antagonism…often accompanied by sinful emotions, words and actions hurtful to those who are the objects of the anger.”

Some things we will consider are whether circumstances or people’s actions can cause us to be impatient, irritable, or angry or whether they merely provide an opportunity for our hearts to be revealed.  We will look at how our Soveriegn God has used difficult situations to teach us more about Him and the Christian life.   We will look at what the Bible has to say about these topics and we will look at how we can encourage one another in this battle.  I hope you can join us!


Valentine lunch February 15, 2009

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Our family celebrates Valentine’s Day by eating lunch together- We eat food that fits the theme:


My favorite part is when we share what we love about one another.  I help some of the children and Eric helps the others.  We read them out loud and save them so that the kids can look at them whenever they want.  The ones from the babies are always funny (since they were written by the parents!) This year Olivia wrote her own which was really special.  Emma’s were so sweet- I had to share one.


This is a picture of Emma’s note to Lucy- It says,”I love that your smiles are pretty and that God put you together in the right way that He wanted to.”  Each one of hers in filled with compliments and genuine gratitude.  Of course, I cried (as did emma).  I think that girl got a double dose of my family’s genes.  🙂

Praise the Lord for Love- It is a good gift that He shares with us.


Lucy’s 1st Valentine’s Day

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The dependent heart February 13, 2009

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The last session from the women’s conference this weekend was about little Samuel in 1 Samuel3.  Samuel had a useful heart because he received God’s word.  Scripture requires hearers.  Paige reminded us how often God says,”remember what you have heard” or “those who have ears to hear, let them hear”.  We don’t automatically receive the Word just because we hear it in our ears; we have to hear it with our heart. How many biblestudies have you sat through?  How many notebooks have you filled with notes?  Obedience is not going to the biblestudy- it is doing what you learned in the biblestudy.  She reminded us that we can tell the fruit of our heart by our response- if we receive his word or not.

She laughed about the times that she would work with girls in college ministry who would say about some situation they had gotten into,”I know, I know.  I know I shouldn’t have done that.”  Her point is this is the worst defense.  To know- and to not do.  It would be better not to know.  Knowing the truth and not doing what it says produces a hardness of heart. 

The beautiful part of this Scripture is that Samuel doesn’t call God.  God calls Samuel. In fact, “the Lord calls” many times.  God is a pursuing God- a God who forges relationship with us.  Samuel, a small boy, did not merit or earn God’s calling, but he was in a place and a position to hear him.  And his response was,”Here I am.”  and “Speak Lord for your servant is listening.”  Is that my response when I hear God’s word? Am I in places where I can hear God’s Word? Am I listening? Am I useful?

She ended by reminding us again that the most important thing about us is our heart.  No matter what your circumstances today- It is a matter of your heart.


they finally know… February 11, 2009

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Tonight we celebrated Emma’s 5th birthday.  She wanted a joint party with her grandmother who also has a February birthday.  I knew this was the night that I wanted to tell the girls about going to Disney.  All of Emma’s presents (the main thing being the trip itself) were related to Disney.  We ate dinner and had a pink cake that we decorated with Disney characters.


Then Emma opened her first present- a book that she needed Olivia to help her read.


It was an autograph book the said,”Disney World 2009″

The next three pictures are what the girls looked like as they piece together that we are taking the trip.




Emma started crying.  It was so very precious that she understood what a big deal it was.


I can’t wait!