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A little catching up February 2, 2009

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This month has had lots of opportunities for the kids to do fun things at school:

Livy had hat day where they made hats and had a fashion show.  Olivia made a hat entitled,”The story of God’s Love”.


She did it all on her own, every bit of it, and for that I am so proud of her.  Her teacher described each hat as the child walked down the “runway” and gave an award at the end.  Olivia’s was named “Loveliest” hat- as in a hat full of love.

Emma had pajama day on Friday and thankfully chose to wear her feety pajamas.


She came home and immediately put on play clothes.  I do the opposite~ I come home and put on my PJ’s.

Cord got to play at Chuck E Cheese last Saturday while the girls were at a birthday party there.  He was a busy boy in that crowded place and kept me running, but I did find one way to keep him in place: the jeep ride.


I am sure I will worry about jeeps later, but I was loving it that day.


2 Responses to “A little catching up”

  1. I had the “Fanciest” hat in first grade. It involved a paper plate, plastic (mardi gras) beads and a feather boa.

  2. zellner Says:

    why am I not surprised that yours was the fanciest? I bet there was alot of flair to the hat that you made 🙂

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