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Lucy at 8 months February 3, 2009

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Little Lucy bug turned 8 months old today.  I had my hands full at lunch and realized that the high chair is now an option for her to sit in.  Cord likes sitting at the table better and Lucy can finally sit by herself.  So here she is today:


Cord suddenly noticed where she was sitting- his old spot- and he came to take a look.


Don’t you love Cord’s outfit? half of one set of pajamas paired with the bottoms of another set of pajamas and his awesome striped socks!

Emma jumped in at the end to celebrate Lucy sitting in the high chair!



2 Responses to “Lucy at 8 months”

  1. Lauren B Says:

    the little thing looks so proud of herself 🙂 I was working at Gymboree putting the baby sale things together and the new line is all about Lovebugs and of course I thought of the Lucybug!

  2. zellner Says:

    cute! I will have to come by. I have a coupon for some amount off.

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