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The compromised heart February 11, 2009

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Session 2 of the conference on Saturday was about Eli’s compromised heart in 1 Samuel 2.  Her opening illustration was about Milli Vanilli.  so funny.  She reminded us how they faked their singing and were exposed.  Her point was what good is a singer that can’t sing.  In this text, what good is a high priest who doesn’t have a heart that follows God.  She reminded us of how dark this period in the Old Testment was.  The period of the Judges was full of terrible, ugly, public sin and in the midst of that, Eli must have thought his wasn’t that bad.  Her application: Don’t we do that? Consider the two tables of the ten commandments.  The first four deal with how we relate to God and the last six deal with how we relate to others in light of our relationship to God.  Yet, who of us thinks that not honoring the Lord’s day or taking the Lord’s name in vain is on the same level as murder?  We just don’t take our worship of God as seriously as we should.  Her quote was,”These sins make us yawn, they made them (eli and sons) die.”

She showed us through Eli’s heart that God’s judgment of their sin was that God gives them over to their sin.  Sin actually becomes the judgment He uses.  “You don’t want God, you don’t get God.  You don’t want to give weight to His name but would rather honor and give weight to your own name, you get weight and honor” and Eli ends us dying under his own literal weight.  The result of compromise in your life is the curse of your own choices.  One of my favorite lines was when she challenged us about the idea that we often say, even when we know something is wrong or against God’s word,  ” I have a real peace about this.”  She immediately reminded us about Jonah.  He was directly disobeying and running from God on a ship to Tarshish and a storm rocked the boat and all were afraid, except one.  Jonah was at peace and asleep.  Peace or how we feel has to be compared to God’s Word and if they are contradictory, God’s Word wins!  Are there things that you are keeping, holding on to, that you won’t part with even though you know what is right? The curse may be that God lets you keep them and they are your undoing.

Oh there was so much more..even on this one idea.  But next time we will look at the third session.


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