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Valentine lunch February 15, 2009

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Our family celebrates Valentine’s Day by eating lunch together- We eat food that fits the theme:


My favorite part is when we share what we love about one another.  I help some of the children and Eric helps the others.  We read them out loud and save them so that the kids can look at them whenever they want.  The ones from the babies are always funny (since they were written by the parents!) This year Olivia wrote her own which was really special.  Emma’s were so sweet- I had to share one.


This is a picture of Emma’s note to Lucy- It says,”I love that your smiles are pretty and that God put you together in the right way that He wanted to.”  Each one of hers in filled with compliments and genuine gratitude.  Of course, I cried (as did emma).  I think that girl got a double dose of my family’s genes.  🙂

Praise the Lord for Love- It is a good gift that He shares with us.


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