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Feb. Book study February 18, 2009

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This Thursday night at 7 pm at the Zumbachs’ we will be studying Chapters 14-16 of Respectable Sins.  The next chapters are on Impatience, Irritability, and Anger.  Wow.

Just to give you a warm up- here are some quotes from the author, Jerry Bridges,”Impatience is a strong sense of annoyance at the (usually) unintentional faults and failures of others.”  Irritability is described as ” the frequency of impatience, or the ease with which a person can become impatient over the slightest provocation.”  And finally , Anger is “a strong feeling of displeasure, and usually antagonism…often accompanied by sinful emotions, words and actions hurtful to those who are the objects of the anger.”

Some things we will consider are whether circumstances or people’s actions can cause us to be impatient, irritable, or angry or whether they merely provide an opportunity for our hearts to be revealed.  We will look at how our Soveriegn God has used difficult situations to teach us more about Him and the Christian life.   We will look at what the Bible has to say about these topics and we will look at how we can encourage one another in this battle.  I hope you can join us!


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