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new development February 20, 2009

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and it is not a good one! Cord has started taking his diaper off while he is in his bed.  Argh! Over the past several days, we have discovered him in his bed with his wet diaper on the floor.  We first thought it was a one-time-event.  Then we tried to put him in a onesie under his pajamas.  He still took his pants off and pulled his diaper out of the side of his onesie.  I am going to need some help here- any ideas for little boys who take their diapers off and get their beds a mess?


2 Responses to “new development”

  1. Lauren Says:

    We put the kids in footsie pajamas and then safety-pinned the zipper the the fabric so they couldn’t take it off. Just an idea…

  2. Lyra Says:

    I actually had this same thing happen with Gage when he was a toddler. However, he chose to do it when he pooped. My solution, which I’m not claiming to be perfect (but, it worked for us) is to use packaging tape around the top of the diaper. We just taped it all the way around so that it would be impossible for him to take it off during the night. In the morning, we’d have to cut the tape to take his diaper off, but it was worth the trouble! The things we have to do sometimes crack me up! Keep us posted on how things go!

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