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Gifts from Aunt Bethie February 21, 2009

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UPS knocked on our door and there was a box from Aunt Bethie, Uncle Kirk, and cousins Sarah and Anna.  It said Disney in big letters: you know if it is from Aunt Bethie and says Disney it is going to be good- and it was!


The girls got two new dress up outfits to take with us.  Emma was given the most amazing Cinderella dress and Olivia was given the most beautiful Ariel costume.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the outfits.  


thanks aunt bethie.  we will take lots of pictures! we love you


One Response to “Gifts from Aunt Bethie”

  1. Mary Says:

    I love Disney princesses! Olivia and Emma are going to be the cutest princesses at Disney. Have a great trip and we look forward to hearing all about the adventures. Love you all.

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