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Mickey Visits March 5, 2009

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Every night after the girls went to bed in the hotel, “Mickey” came to visit them.  He left a note about what the girls would be doing the next day and he left some gifts that were Disney related. 


This one invited the girls to eat breakfast with Mickey and Minnie at Chef Mickey’s. 


This was the day we ate lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Palace. 


The last day he left this note and gave each girl a snowglobe. 

While doing a lot of research about Disney trips, I saw numerous people say to bring your own Disney stuff from stores at home and it would be a lot cheaper.  They loved the notes and the gifts were fun for the car trips we made.  Mickey left Tinkerbell note pads and markers.  He left tiaras and wands to be decorated with stickers and he left journals and pens.  I think he got them all at Michael’s in the dollar section!

I love that the girls told everyone we meet that Mickey came to see us every night- although I have no idea how he got in without anyone hearing him or seeing him 🙂


One Response to “Mickey Visits”

  1. Your grandparents are so thankful Mickey visited you each evening with notes and gifts. We can just imagine how excited you were. Wish we had been there chasing Cord around and seeing your excitement in person. Many thanks to Susan for this adventure with us all.sharing

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