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Magic Kingdom Day 2 March 8, 2009

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On this morning Mickey invited the girls to eat lunch with Cinderella at the Royal Palace.  We were up and at the park early to get there before the crowds.  We ran straight back to meet Ariel- She had a 40 minute wait the day before.  That morning, we walked right in!



Olivia loved driving these cars…and in this picture, she has on her cool new glasses (thanks to Mrs Streeter for her kind gift!)


we took a great break from the crowds by eating at the palace.  Here are the girls as they head up to our table.


“Princess” Lucy at lunch.  She was squirmy, but sweet 🙂


Emma celebrating her birthday at the Palace.


Meeting Cinderella after our lunch.


We went to “Pixie Hollow” and met the fairies from the movie Tinkerbell.  The wait is usually 45 min- 1 hour.  We went during one of the fireworks shows and only waited 30 min.  The fairies talk to the children for so long and really interact with them.  Tink took Lucy right out of our hands and almost wouldn’t give her back.  She said she would keep her and let her sleep in the tea pot that was behind her.


We closed the park down at 11:00 and Emma fell asleep immediately in the stroller.  Fun, fun day 🙂


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