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this week March 28, 2009

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We have had a busy week- It started with Lucy falling out of Eric’s arms on to the pavement after church on Sunday.  It was terrifying for all of us.  I took her to the ER while Eric took all the other kiddos home.  Thankfully, she is fine. Praise the Lord for His goodness.

Youth group met at our house Sunday night after church.  We  had about 65 people in our house eating BBQ and getting to know each other better.  I love fellowship times with the youth families, and I am looking forward to having more time to do that now that the babies are getting a little older.

Wednesday night, Olivia had choir and we had fellowship group.  We have several fellowship groups that meet throughout the week at different locations and at different times. Ours is on Wednesday night.  We discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday.  This week we had a lively discussion about infant baptism, God’s Sovereignty, and human responsibility. 


Olivia’s class performed a play called,”Irish Stew” on Thursday.  She was really excited about us getting to come to her school and watch the performance.  Her part consisted of tying an apron on the king, holding a bowl for the royal tasters, and saying one line.  It was a great lesson in theater for them.  Good stuff!

With the beautiful weather, the neighborhood kids have been out in full force.  We have loved that on Tuesday and Thursday we had lots of kids in the yard jumping on the trampoline, playing hopskotch, and digging in the yard.  I am learning how to be a mom who can watch the babies, but also make sure our visitors are taken care of.  Olivia and Emma are learning alot about what it means to have a friend over. 


I had book study last night with my friends from church.  We are studying Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.  We looked at the chapters on judgmentalism, envy, and sins of the tongue (lying, slander, gossip, etc).  As always, very convicting.   Why do we tear down others, wish we had what they have, repeat things that (even if true) are harmful to them?  At the heart of all these things is our heart.  Our heart that wants to elevate our own self and at times, play God.  One of my favorite points in the discussion was when we were challenged that once you enter into someone’s heart (assigning them motives or believing that you know why they do what they do) you are in dangerous territory.  You are trodding on God’s ground.  We cannot know another’s heart; therefore, we are called to look at the log in our own eye, rather than examine the speck in our brother’s.

A lot of random thoughts in this post, but that is about what a normal week looks like in my world.  Just thankful to still have a few thoughts in this crazy momma brain.


2 Responses to “this week”

  1. lynnewingard Says:

    Your small group discusses the sermon and you talked about infant baptism?

  2. zellner Says:

    we are looking at Romans 2:28-29: For no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical. But a Jew is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit…

    Our discussion led from circumcision for the nation of Israel to baptism in Christ’s church- both being matters of the heart and not outward acts. We stayed there a while discussing what baptism is because there were lots of questions about it.

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