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Camp Grainger, spring ’09 March 31, 2009

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Well the girls got to go to Camp Grainger again (my dad’s house) during Spring Break.  Dad took them in full knowledge that Emma had a fever virus and needed Ibuprofen all through the day, as well as her asthma medicine.  In spite of all I had to load for them (the medicine bag alone would have made some stop in their tracks!), my dad and marian gathered the two girls and took them for a two night spend the night party.  That is the most nights away from home that the girls have ever done!  They got to eat at McDonald’s, go to the McWane Center, and see the Statue of Liberty (at least the one that is in Birmingham :)).


 tug of war at the McWane Center


Huntsville’s next weather girls….


Emma had just studied the Statue of Liberty while they were studying the letter “U” for “United States of America” in her Pre K class.  Imagine her surprise when she got to see the statue right here in Alabama.  A local park- Liberty Park- has a version of the statue and the girls got to see what it would look like.  How fun!

As always, many many thanks for my dad and marian for all they do for us.  I love that the girls have such awesome memories playing with their grandparents!


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  1. Mary Says:

    I want to go to Camp Grainger. Pick me!

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