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Mardi Gras shower April 1, 2009

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This past weekend, Eric and I were excited to be able to go to Birmingham to celebrate with my cousin Brent and his future wife, Holley.  It was a Mardi Gras shower- complete with beads, food and drinks from New Orleans. 


My cousin Carlin and I getting a chance to hang out.


This is a group shot of the “blood cousins”- meaning “no in-laws or significant others allowed” picture.  The handsome one in the orange fur coat and light up green hat is the groom!


Here are the “wanna-be’s” (those significant others or spouses) showing a little sadness for not being invited into the picture 🙂  They take a lot by joining the Grainger clan.  I think they are a pretty awesome group.  Maybe I want to be in the “wanna-be’s”

A Huge THANKS  goes to the Williams family who babysat our top three so that we could drive to Birmingham for the shower.  It was a huge blessing to us- a real date 🙂 Thanks for your time and for your love to our kids.


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