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Lucy- 10 months April 6, 2009

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Lucy bug turned 10 months old and she is still a little peanut to us!  Over the past couple of months, she has done better with her tummy trouble.  The medicine she is on has made that area of her life so much better.  She is still not gaining weight very well, so we have a follow up weight check next month. Pray that she learns to take a bottle and that she will add more calories to her diet!


We are so thankful for her and for the surprise that she was.  The big girls have learned to be such a help- they get down on the floor with her and sing or play with toys and she is so happy.  Cord calls her “lu lu” and does a funny little “lu lu” dance for her.  She has 4 teeth now, but isn’t eating anything with them 🙂


One Response to “Lucy- 10 months”

  1. Lauren B Says:

    she’s adorable (as always)! I love when Cord calls her LuLu and hands her a pacifier saying “Lulu pappy.” Cute pictures!

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