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Easter activities- part 1 April 8, 2009

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Once again, my friend Becky has encouraged and inspired me to think creatively about child rearing.  This time it is about Easter.  She posted about a link to a website that was giving away a free download of an Easter activity book.  It had lots of ideas, and some I liked better than others.  I needed a kick in the pants to help me get my children thinking about Easter and what we are celebrating.  We selected several activities that could help our children (and us) prepare our hearts to worship and celebrate Easter.

The first activity we did was a nature walk in which the children found things that represented parts of the Easter story.  Emma and Olivia gathered sticks to make a cross, red berries to represent the blood of Christ, water that represented when Christ washed the disciples feet, a rock to represent the rock that was in front of the tomb, and a white flower that represented our hearts washed clean because Christ lives.

Some ideas go better than others (and sometimes my attitude is worse than others) The next activity we decided to do was to eat by candlelight.  We wanted them to remember that Christ is the Light of the World.  Dinner is never an easy time in the Zellner household.  Two babies are usually crying and needing dinner, baths, and bedtime.  The older two are usually very patient while we attempt to eat together, but throw in a time of learning or acitivity and the whole thing unravels.  The candle was lit, babies were fussing, and Eric was attempting to read a passage from the Bible.  Emma is wondering just how close she can get to touching the flame and reminding me that it isn’t that dark in our kitchen- she can still see, Olivia is wanting more apple juice, and mommy is losing her patience.  I am trying to tie it to their children’s church lesson about the dark cloud of sin that covers our hearts before Christ and how his work on the cross allows that darkness to be removed and light to reign.  I eventually blow out the candle and say- “Girls, can you just stop and learn how Christ is the light of the world?!”  Not too pretty.  Thankfully mommy’s impatience is a lesson in itself that we ALL need this Savior that has come!  Surprisingly, the kids have asked if we could eat by candlelight again and seem to remember why we are doing it- thanks to our good God who works in spite of me.

We have learned the words to Christ Our Lord Has Risen Today, learned the meaning of the word Alleluia, and learned the refrain,” Christ is Risen. He is risen indeed!”  This one is one of my favorites because the babies raise their arms above their heads when we say it.  I am praying that the kids are able to hide something in their hearts that makes them grateful for our Savior this Easter.


3 Responses to “Easter activities- part 1”

  1. Renee Says:

    Those are some great ideas. I had to snicker a little about Emma saying that she could still see in the kitchen ;o)

    You are such a great mommy! You just inspired me to make sure the kids know that song as well, it’s one of my fav’s!

  2. Mary Says:

    Oh Susan. Your family is so cute! So many things Emma does reminds me of Heather. During the Eucharist, when the priest/minister says “Lift up your hearts”. Heather use to/still does stretch up as tall as she can towards the cross.

    Another Easter story. Have you ever heard the story about the sand dollar? There are five doves inside the sand dollar. If you tap on the back side of it with a chisel point, you can get them out. Here’s a link to the story:
    and this one:
    A lady at our garage sale this weekend shared it with Carlin and me.
    Love you!

  3. Becky Says:

    I am encouraged. Just so you know.
    Thought of you this morning on my way home from Shop N Save. (Don’t know why it was then, but it was).

    Miss you

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