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Easter Activities- Part 2 April 8, 2009

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Cookies, Cookies, Cookies…


On the way home from church last week, we were reviewing our Easter greeting,” Christ is Risen.  He is risen Indeed!”  Olivia begins with,”I have an idea!”  Usually this is an idea that has an awesome motivation, but could be difficult to carry out.  This time her idea was to share about God’s love by making cookies for the neighborhood and making a label that says the Easter greeting we have been learning.  I know God uses children to motivate us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.  So on Monday Emma helped me make them (she LOVES to cook) and we iced them and decorated them as best we could.  Yesterday, we took them around the neighborhood.  The kids loved running up to the doors and handing the cookies out and wishing everyone “Happy Easter”.  It was like Halloween in reverse!

I will say we had some really strange looks from some neighbors and that the cookies didn’t always make it to the door in whole pieces.  I ended up shouting from the street that I hoped they tasted better than they looked and” Happy Easter!”


One Response to “Easter Activities- Part 2”

  1. Becky Says:

    THIS is a great idea!

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