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Biblestudy is almost over:( April 20, 2009

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This spring I have been in a biblestudy that has been studying the book of Judges, a very sad period in the life of Israel and yet one that is full of God’s mercy and love for his people.  Our teacher, Jennifer, wrote the study and did an incredible job of asking the hard questions, knowing her Old Testament history, and encouraging personal application to our hearts. 

drd3 In addition to our study, we read Dale Ralph Davis’ commentary Such a Great Salvation.  Somehow he is able to help his reader digest the enormous themes and lessons that are in Judges, while still being easy to read and at times funny.  You just wouldn’t expect that in the study of Judges.

Our fall study was Joshua so it has been so nice to walk through those books back to back and learn so much.  thanks to all who had to prepare so well for these studies. I hate when biblestudy is over 😦


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