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Special days at the beach May 31, 2009

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We just got back from a GREAT week at the beach with my dad and Marian.  This was our first time to go to their beach place and we had a wonderful time- for so many reasons.

may09 015 may09 031

We celebrated Olivia’s 7th birthday at the beach.  Marian baked her a cake and my dad decorated it- His first time to do that! Olivia wanted a dog that swims and a mermaid that swims.  She also got a special swimsuit for the trip.

 may09 083

We had wonderful dinners every night.  Our one night to go out we headed to Lulu’s- a very kid-friendly place to eat.  There is a sand area for the kids to play in while you wait for your table.  The restaurant is on the water, so Marian thought to ask if we could sit where we could watch the boats.  Cord liked that part so much that we couldn’t get him to look our way for the pictures.

may09 050may09 049may09 051 may09 054

We ended that night with miniature golf- which Marian and Popo came in 1st and 2nd respectively.  I quit half way to chase a little boy around so he wouldn’t end up in the water or stop other families from playing their game.

may09 058 

Finally, I just had to post a couple of Lucy on the beach for the first time. 

may09 067 may09 078may09 011

Thank you Popo and Marian for a great trip and so many special memories!


recital ’09 May 25, 2009

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I love getting to go to dance recitals- i know, you are probably rolling your eyes.  But I love them.   I think it’s fun to see what the choreography is, the costumes are, and now my own girls dance.

recital09 010recital09 017

The girls were in different dressing rooms, so I had to keep running back and forth between the rooms to make sure they were feeling safe and ready for their turns.

recital09 012recital09 014


Lots of sweet friends from school are also in dance- it makes it so much fun to go to class and to the recital 🙂

recital09 019 By the end of the night, Emma was sacked out in Eric’s arms.

recital09 024 Olivia was still going strong after the show and was really excited that she gets to keep the parasol that she danced with in the recital.  This one is NOT for rain, she informed me.  This one is for the sun!

Some of the sweetest people were in the audience with us.  My Aunt Mary and my grandmother, Babe, drove up from Birmingham to see the show! The girls were so excited that they were there.

recital09 022

Emma should have been in this photo, but she was still asleep in Eric’s arms.  It was a great night 🙂


uh oh May 23, 2009

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Olivia ened up with a gash between her eyebrows two days ago- And this weekend is her rehearsal and recital for dance.  The gash is pretty icky- so we used clear tape to cover it up and will have to add make up on top for tonight’s recital.  I absolutley can’t stand blood, but have been thankful to be able to work on her without getting sick 🙂


Can you see it in this picture? this was from rehearsal last night with her good friend Hannah.  I always love recitals.  The dances are too cute and the girls enjoy seeing everyone’s dances.  I think I will avoid saying,”Break a leg” tonight.


End of year parties May 21, 2009

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We made it! Through first grade and Pre K.

endofyear 014endofyear 048

Both girls had great end of the year parties.  Olivia had a backyard party, complete with inflatables, a cook out and one of the coolest swings.

endofyear 021

Emma’s class went to JumpZone and jumped on inflatables inside.

endofyear 050

We are so very grateful for the care and love the girls have received from their sweet teachers.  It is such a blessing to be able to trust the hearts of the people who are teaching your children every day. 

I am looking forward to the summer with the girls home.  I hope I still say that in two months.


the bottom two May 20, 2009

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endofyear 005

That is what I call child 3 and child 4.  This was after bathtime the other night.  Cord is repeating,”Lu lu, Lu lu, Lu lu” which is what he calls Lucy.  Lucy is giggling and rolling back and forth to see him.  They crack each other up.  (and me)


Garage Sales May 19, 2009

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Last weekend we had a garage sale and were able to get rid of some baby equipment and other stuff that has been building up in the garage.

I had some big helpers- and I mean help in the nicest way possible!

endofyear 001

This little helper tagged himself with a $20 price tag.

endofyear 002

There were a lot of offers to take him, but when we mentioned that he came with a 5:00 am wake up, no one wanted him!

endofyear 003

Olivia was making sure the toys went 2 for $.25

endofyear 004

Emma was usually flagging down customers, but in this picture is helping me pack it all up at the end of the sale.

All proceeds will go to a lawn mower with a bag- something the Zellners have never owned!


my new favorite May 16, 2009

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My new favorite mispronunciation in our house is from Cord- he calls his juice Applemade.  He must hear me ask the girls all the time whether they want apple juice or lemonade.  So he calls out all day for milk or applemade.  love it!