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Foster field trip May 1, 2009

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Last weekend while I went to the beach, my oldest two had the privlege of hanging out with my aunt Mary and some of my cousins.  It has taken me this long to post anything because I wasn’t there to take all the pictures 🙂 I am so glad that my aunt posted some today on Facebook.  I knew the girls had a great time; now I get to see what they did!

My aunt met Eric in Cullman on Friday to pick the girls up and they were able to hear my cousin Meredith sing in her concert.  I am jealous- I only get to hear her in weddings.


At some point they saw my cousin Carlin, who I think provided the fun pink pom poms for their girls weekend.


On Saturday, my aunt took them to the Magic City Arts Festival.  I hated that my weekend away fell on the Panoply Arts weekend here in Huntsville and that the girls would be missing all those fun crafts.  Never fear, Aunt Mary had a fun plan in action.  They came home with TONS of crafts from the Art Festival in Birmingham- Kites, Hair ties, Musical Instruments, and yarn crafts.



She even packed a picnic for them!


By Saturday night,  I was wondering what they were doing- They had not even called me to talk once!  Aroung 8:00pm I texted Mary to see if everything was OK- the text came back “Fabulous, we are on our way for ice cream!”  No wonder they never called me 🙂


The girls LOVED their weekend and I cannot imagine how tired Mary must have been.  She did all those things moms wish they felt like doing on off days with their kids.  And I am so grateful for the memories that must have been made this past weekend. (and the time off!) Hugs to the Foster Family for an awesome “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Field trip for the Zellner girls 🙂


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